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Largemouth bass spend a good amount of time near some type of shallow water or deep water cover.  Whether it is docks, bridge pilings, overhanging trees or a weed line, if there is some type of cover, there is a good chance there are some largemouth bass in the area.  When bass move into the open water and they suspend over deeper water, fishing can become much more challenging.  Largemouth bass are not known for suspending in open water as much as smallmouth bass, but they will suspend out over deeper water, especially during the summer and fall months.

Catching suspended bass can be challenging, but the part that is most challenging to anglers is finding them.  A good fishfinder is essential to locating suspended bass.  When searching for them with the help of your electronics, make sure you look for bait fish.  Sometimes, you will be able to find large bait balls over deeper water with some bigger fish near the school of bait fish.  When you see this, there’s a good chance you can get them to bite.  The bass are most likely feeding on the bait fish.  If the bait ball stays put, it makes it much easier to catch bass.

You can also catch suspended bass when they aren’t near bait balls, but it is usually harder because these bass are typically inactive.  If you can get one bass to bite, it can often ignite an entire school and you can end up catching a bunch of them in a hurry, but it takes time, patience and a lot of skill to consistently find and catch largemouth bass when they are suspended over deeper water.

Some of the popular baits for catching suspended largemouth bass are jerkbaits, deep-diving crankbaits, jigging spoons, carolina-rigged soft plastics, swimbaits and live baits such as nightcrawlers, minnows, chubs and leeches.

Fishing Tips

Fish the Appropriate Depth

When bass are suspended, you’re not going to get many bites on the bottom.  Some bass will follow your bait down to the bottom, but you will get more bites by keeping the bait in front of their face.

Jerkbaits are Awesome

Jerkbaits can be retrieved right in their face.  It’s by far one of the best ways to fish for suspended bass.

Crankbaits Work Great Too

It’s tough to beat a crankbait fished at the appropriate depth when targeting largemouth bass that are suspended.

Know Where the Thermocline Is

Knowing about the thermocline and where it is will help you catch more largemouth bass when they suspend during the summer.

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