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Lake St. Clair Smallmouth Bass Fishing

This is one of the best smallmouth bass lakes in the country.  For numbers and big fish, it’s tough to beat Lake St. Clair.  This lake can be tough on first time anglers due to the fact that it’s a fairly flat late that lacks the obvious structure that most good smallmouth bass lakes have.  It’s just one of those lakes where you need to cover some water to find the active bass and once you find them, you may catch fish up to and above 6 pounds on this lake.  Fish in the 2 to 4 pound range are common on Lake St. Clair.

Lake St. Clair Largemouth Bass Fishing

There are some decent largemouth bass in this lake and you could target them if you wanted to fish for largemouth here.  Most anglers come here for the smallmouth bass, so largemouth bass are usually under fished here.  You won’t find the numbers of largemouth bass like you will with the smallmouth bass here, but there are some quality fish to catch.

Lake St. Clair Walleye Fishing

Lake St. Clair has some good walleye fishing available and there are several charters that target walleye on this lake.  Smallmouth bass have been getting so much of the press on this lake in recent years that the walleye are often forgotten about by many anglers.  Try trolling with live bait rigs and crankbaits to find the active walleye on Lake St. Clair.

Lake St. Clair Muskie Fishing

Lake St. Clair is one of the best big fish lakes for muskie in the country.  The charters there are known for consistently boating 3 or 4 fish per day by trolling and many are over 40 inches with 50 inchers being fairly common.  Trolling is key to cover water on this lake and this deters many muskie anglers from coming here because casting for muskie is a lot more popular.  If you are up to doing some trolling, it could be some of the best muskie fishing you’ll ever experience if you hit it right.

Lake St. Clair Perch Fishing

Perch fishing can be very good on Lake St. Clair.  They are very under fished compared to the other species of fish here, but there are plenty of anglers that do target them and if you can find the schools of perch, you may catch some very nice jumbo-sized fish for the live well.


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