Lake Shelbyville is home to some good muskie fishing.  They may not be easy to find on this lake, but they are here and there are some big fish here too.  Anglers have success targeting muskie along the creek channels and mouths of all the bays and creeks arms here.  The main lake deep water bite can be good too, but there is a lot of water here for them to roam, so the mid summer bite won’t be easy.  The most successful muskie anglers will usually fish the tailwaters below the dam.  You may not catch anything, but this is the area where reports come in of multiple muskie in a day and 50 inch fish are possible.  Many muskie fall down the dam into the tailwaters and instead of going down the river, many of these fish just stay here and live below the dam.  There is plenty of oxygen, cooler water and plenty of shad to eat, so it makes sense why they would stay in this area compared to going down river.

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