Welcome to our Lake Shelbyville Home Page

Lake Shelbyville is one of the most popular lakes in Illinois.  It has 11,000 acres of water with an average depth of 16 feet and a maximum depth of 67 feet.  There are 250 miles of shoreline with many creek arms that provide excellent cover for a variety of fish.

This lake is known for producing trophy largemouth bass.  Lake Shelbyville is a popular lake for bass fishing tournaments and many bass are caught in the 4 to 7 pound range every year.  There are also plenty of other fish to catch such as crappie, catfish, white bass, walleye, northern pike, muskie and bluegill.  Anglers report catches of muskie over 40 inches and catfish over 10 pounds to go along with stringers full of crappie and white bass.  Lake Shelbyville is a big lake and it may take some time to learn it, but the fishing can be incredible once you know some of the better spots to fish.

Primary Species of Fish

Largemouth Bass & Crappie

Lake Shelbyville is known for its bass fishing, but the crappie fishing is pretty good here too.  Anglers catch big bass and big crappie here and if you learn the lake, it is possible to catch good numbers of both species of fish.

Secondary Species of Fish

Walleye, Northern Pike, Muskie, Catfish, White Bass & Bluegill

This lake has a very diverse fishery with pike, muskie, white bass, catfish, bluegill and walleye available here too.  While these fish species are considered secondary here for most anglers, you can target them and catch some fish.  Don’t expect to find pike, muskie or walleye here in big numbers though.  Most people catch them on accident while fishing for other species of fish.