Striped Bass

Anglers target a variety of different species here, although, striped bass are king on this lake.  This lake is a great numbers lake for striped bass and some big stripers are here too. The striped bass fishery took off here and due to a “keep everything you catch” plan, it has helped this fishery avoid the boom and bust days that were common years ago.  It may seem weird that people come in and keep 100 striped bass in a day, but it actually helps this fishery because the spawn is so good here for the striped bass that if left unchecked, they would eat all the shad and the fishery would collapse.

Make sure you know how to fish the deeper waters.  Live baits and artificial lures work well, but the deeper water will hold the majority of the fish throughout the year.  Don’t be surprised if you have to fish 30 to 40 feet down to find some of the bigger schools of striped bass.

Learn More About Striped Bass

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