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Lac Seul Walleye Fishing

Walleye are king on Lac Seul.  If you follow some of the reports from the fishing resorts on this lake, it’s kind of hard to believe that this is a drive-in lake.  Local bait shops and resorts don’t think anything of someone catching 40 to 50 walleye in a day.  Some boats with 2 to 3 anglers can easily catch over 100 walleye a day with live bait when the bite is on.  Every day isn’t going to be a 100 walleye day, but….Continue Reading

Lac Seul Northern Pike Fishing

Lac Seul has some diverse structure with parts of the lake looking like your typical Canadian shield lakes and other areas that look more like a southern reservoir.  This lake has so many islands, reefs, weedy bays, narrows and points that anglers have so many options for targeting northern pike.  If you want to target pike here, finding the weedy bays is a good place to start, however, a lot of pike will hold on the rocky structures as well on Lac Seul.  Anglers can find pike in many of the same areas that you will find walleye.  Most anglers that come to Lac Seul….Continue Reading

Lac Seul Muskie Fishing

Lac Seul is known for having some monster muskies in its waters.  Anglers typically come to Lac Seul for its unbelievable walleye fishing, however, more and more anglers are starting to fish this lake for muskie.  It seems like the east end of the lake is the better part of the lake if you want to target muskie….Continue Reading

Lac Seul Smallmouth Bass Fishing

Smallmouth Bass are not a dominant species in Lac Seul.  However, the smallmouth bass population has been growing in the lake over the years and in the late spring and early summer, anglers can actually target smallmouth bass in the shallows and expect to actually catch some fish.  Once the smallmouth bass spawn and head back into deeper waters, most anglers will not run into very many….Continue Reading

Lac Seul Perch Fishing

Perch are available in Lac Seul.  Many anglers will catch them while targeting walleye and some anglers will actually target them so that they can bring more fish fillets home from their trip.  Walleye is king here, but there are some nice perch in this lake as well.  If you can find the schools of perch, you can put a bunch of fish in the box in a hurry, but expect to find walleye, walleye and even more walleye as you search for some good perch spots.

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