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Fishing for walleye from a kayak is not nearly as popular as it is to target some of the other freshwater fish.  Because walleye can often be found in the shallows during the spring, fall and in lowlight conditions, kayak fishermen usually target walleye during these times.  Catching walleye in deeper water is a lot more difficult with a kayak.  Some of the best walleye fishermen fish from good-sized boats with big outboard motors and good electronics to help them find the fish.  Most walleye fishermen cover a lot of water looking for active fish on a typical day of fishing.

In the kayak, covering a lot of water is much more difficult.  Many of the kayaks are now being rigged with fish finders, which helps kayak anglers target walleye in deeper water, but it’s definitely more challenging than fishing in a boat.  Don’t let us discourage you from targeting walleye from a kayak though.  It all depends on the body of water you are fishing and if you can find them shallow, fishing will be a lot easier than having to fish deep from a kayak.  If you know what you are doing, you can do very well on a kayak.


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