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Tarpon can be quite a challenge on a brand new $40,000 bay boat, so just imagine catching a huge tarpon from a kayak.  Tarpon are one of the most exciting fish to catch on a kayak.  Because tarpon can be found fairly close to shore, fishermen can realistically target tarpon on a kayak.  All of the typical artificial lures and live baits that work for tarpon can be used from a kayak.  Fly fishing can be challenging, yet very rewarding at the same time.  The easiest way to pursue tarpon on a kayak is probably by fishing with jigging spoons or live bait such as crabs, pinfish or mullet.  By fishing vertical, you can focus more on boat control and your fish finder.  Once a tarpon is hooked, be prepared to be taken for a ride.  Depending on the size of the fish, you may end up fighting a tarpon for 20 minutes or more.  Catching big tarpon on the kayak is a skill and it’s not for the inexperienced kayak fishermen.  Make sure you have gain some experience fishing from a kayak before attempting to fish for tarpon.  There is one other thing to mention.  Sharks love tarpon and it is fairly common to see a shark go after and attack a tarpon that is hooked by an angler.  Before you pursue fishing for tarpon on a kayak, it’s important to know what could be lurking beneath your kayak.


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