Kayak Fishing For Smallmouth Bass



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Smallmouth bass are one of the most popular species of freshwater fish to target from a kayak.  Because river fishing is so popular for smallmouth bass fishing, fishing from a kayak makes a lot of sense to many anglers.  Fishing from a kayak on a river can be a fun way to fish and you can get into some shallow water areas that you would not be able to navigate in a typical boat.  On lakes, anglers usually target smallmouth bass in the shallows, near points, on weed edges and along rocky shorelines when fishing from the kayak.  There are so many lakes up north that offer good fishing for smallmouth bass with little boat traffic and/or no boat access.  These lakes that see little or no boat pressure are great for using a kayak.  One of the best places to plan a canoe or kayak trip for smallmouth bass is in the famous “Boundary Waters Canoe Area” near the border of Minnesota and Canada.  Up here, you get to fish lakes that don’t allow motors and depending how far you want to portage, you may get the chance to fish lakes that receive little to no fishing pressure.


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