How Tides & Currents Affect Striped Bass Fishing

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Moving water is always better than slack water when fishing for striped bass.  To maximize your time on the water, try to fish when there is a tidal change during the mornings, evenings and at night.  Striped bass feed much better during lowlight conditions.  By combining the lowlight conditions with moving water, you give yourself a much better chance to catch some stripers.

Fishing a couple of hours before a high tide is considered one of the best times to fish for striped bass in the surf.  Fishing from a boat gives you access to many more spots to fish and the incoming tide does offer some very good fishing, but don’t rule out the falling tide.  The falling tide may not be the best scenario for surf fishing, but you can get to many different fishing spots in a boat that will have some good fishing during a falling tide.  Just remember, moving water will almost always provide better fishing opportunities than a slack tide when fishing inshore (bays, piers, jetties & the surf).


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