How the Wind Affects Snook Fishing

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The wind can definitely play a factor when fishing for snook.  Sometimes, the wind may affect the angler more than the fish.  In high winds, boat control may be a problem as well as presenting your lure or live bait to the appropriate spot.  The direction and strength of the wind can also affect how much water will move onto or off a flat as well as into or out of a backwater area.  A strong wind that goes with or against the tide flow can definitely change how little or how much water will move into a specific area.

For example, a 20 mph wind going against the tide may result in less water movement through an area and lower water as a result.  This may turn one of your favorite high water fishing spots into just another place to fish.  A 20 mph wind going with the tide can help move more water onto a flat or into a backwater and this could result in more moving water through an inlet which can really get the snook biting.  This could also push a little more water into a backwater, which may push snook even farther back in the backwater areas during a high tide.  When fishing the backwaters, it can definitely pay off for you if you pay attention to how the winds and tides will affect the water movement in the area that you will be fishing.


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