How the Tides Affect Snapper Fishing

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Inshore, the tides dictate how, when and where most of the fish will feed.  When fishing for mangrove snapper around inshore waters, the high tides usually offer better fishing around docks and mangrove-lined shorelines.  The lower tides push the mangrove snapper into the deeper cuts and channels near their favorite shallow water structure.  The bridges and piers will usually hold fish during either tide.  Moving water is key to finding feeding mangrove snapper, so make sure to fish during the tidal changes for the best results.

Offshore, the tides don’t play as big of a role on the fishing.  Some charter captains report that the tides don’t have any effect on the fishing, while others believe that some moving water is good, but faster currents make it harder to position baits on the underwater structure and chumming becomes more difficult.  It is much more important to have some good reefs and wrecks on your gps than to be worried about the tides when fishing the offshore waters.


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