How Cold Fronts Affect Snook Fishing

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Cold weather and snook do not make a good fit.  In colder water temperatures, snook do not do very well.  When water temperatures dip below 60 degrees, the fishing can be much more difficult and as the water cools in the mid to low 50s, there is a good chance that some snook will die from the low water temperatures.  When the water temperatures get cool, snook will move into the canals, rivers, near freshwater springs and warm water discharges to seek out the warmest water they can find.  When the water temperatures are warm and a cold front comes through, it can still shut down the fishing.  Most experienced snook anglers will say that the fishing can be very tough, especially for bigger fish after a cold front.  It usually take 2 or 3 days of stable weather for the fishing to pick back up.  When the bite gets tough, live baits such as shrimp, pinfish and pilchards are tough to beat when the water is cold.


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