Illinois Marmion July 16th – send to the 2020 & 2021s

Hi.  I am Coach Sewell.  Would you be interested in playing 2 games with us on Monday, July 16th at Marmion Academy in Aurora, IL?  We are running small events with 2 teams per age group.  2 games per team.  Ball State, WIU, EIU, Lewis, Concordia, Dominican, C.O.D will be there coaching us and evaluating that day.  $75 special going on thru the weekend. $150 for 2 way players.  Found u on NCSA.  If you want a roster spot, let me know.  40 plus coaches now are working my summer events.  More information here.

When done with this, finish collecting names for the Memphis, tn area.  there are detailed notes on the exact zip code to use and where to start off.

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