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Green Lake Fishing Reports

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Primary Species of Fish

Green Lake offers anglers some good smallmouth bass fishing.  The clear, deep water can make fishing tough at times, but there are good numbers of fish in this lake. You can usually find smallmouth bass in slightly deeper water than largemouth bass.  Expect to find some smallmouth bass around rocky and gravel areas, on the edge of drop-offs and along deep water weed lines.  At times, lake trout may be the best fish to target on Green Lake.  Besides a couple of weeks in the spring when you can find lake trout in shallower water, expect to be fishing for lake trout in water as deep as 100 feet.  Vertical jigging and trolling are the keys to catching lake trout on Green Lake.


Secondary Species of Fish

Fishing for catfish on Green Lake can be very good.  While there are some flathead and blue catfish in the lake, channel catfish are the bread and butter of catfish anglers on Green Lake.  All of the typical catfish baits will work here.  Chicken liver, cut bait, live minnows and chubs will work.  Don’t rule out fishing for suspended catfish on Green Lake.  Most catfish anglers only fish for catfish on the bottom, but catfish will school up and suspend just off the bottom.  Green Lake has a decent population of muskie and some grow very big here.  Because of the deep water, many of the better muskie anglers choose to troll for them instead of casting.  Green Lake is known for having big northern pike in it, although, there aren’t huge numbers of them and they can be tough to catch because of the deep, clear water.  Green Lake has some quality largemouth bass, however, you aren’t going to find tons of these fish in the lake.  Green Lake is known for producing some quality walleye in the 5 to 6 pound range, but it can be an extemely difficult bite on this lake.  Trolling and vertical jigging are the 2 most common ways to fish, but your best bet may come from trolling crankbaits in deeper water.



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