Marquette, MI

Marquette County is located in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan.  It’s a good-sized county with tons of recreational opportunities available.  Many people enjoy the miles of trails for walking and biking.  You have Lake Superior here, many inland lakes and some gorgeous waterfalls here too.  It’s a beautiful area and the fishing is very good too.

Marquette County offers some very good fishing opportunities.  The better fishing spots may be spread out throughout the county, however, having the option to go fish on Lake Superior one day, Lake Michigamme for a couple days and then you can even bounce around on some of the smaller inland lakes here too.  Fish for salmon, trout, pike, muskie, largemouth bass, smallmouth bass and panfish.  You have plenty of options here.

Marquette County, MI Salmon & Trout Fishing

This area has some very good salmon and trout fishing.  Several fishing charters use Marquette, MI as their port for fishing on Lake Superior.  Depending on where you are fishing and the time of year, you may be able to catch King Salmon, Steelhead and Lake Trout.

Marquette County, MI Walleye Fishing

Marquette County has many different lakes that offer good fishing for walleye.  Lake Michigamme probably gets the most attention in this area for walleye fishing.  It’s a large lake with good numbers of walleye and big fish potential as well.  Some of the other lakes to fish for walleye in this area are Deer Lake, East Bass Lake, Fish Lake, Goose Lake, Greenwood Reservoir, Lake Independence, Little Lake, Michigamme River Basin, Pike Lake, Schweitzer Reservoir and Witch Lake.

Marquette County, MI Northern Pike Fishing

Marquette County has plenty of places to fish for northern pike and there are definitely some trophy fish available in some of the lakes in this area.  Lake Michigamme gets a lot of attention and it should because there are some very big northern pike in this lake.  Some of the other lakes that you can fish in this area for pike are Cataract Basin, East Bass Lake, Fish Lake, Goose Lake, Greenwood Reservoir, Horseshoe Lake, Johnson Lake, Little Lake, Michigamme River Basin, Pike Lake, Rock Lake, Schweitzer Reservoir and Witch Lake.

Marquette County, MI Muskie Fishing

For the muskie anglers, Lake Michigamme is the place to go in Marquette County.  There are good enough numbers of them to target in this lake and there are some absolute monsters that live here.

Marquette County, MI Smallmouth Bass Fishing

Marquette County has plenty of smallmouth bass fishing lakes if that’s what you would like to target on your fishing trip.  Bass Lake, West Fish Lake, Greenwood Reservoir, Little Lake, Little Shag, Squaw Lake, Lake Michigamme and Witch Lake are some of the better lakes to target smallmouth bass.  Whether you are after numbers or quality fish, you can find both in Marquette County.

Marquette County, MI Largemouth Bass Fishing

Largemouth bass are definitely not high on the priority list for many anglers fishing in this area, but there are definitely some good fishing lakes available for anglers that want to fish for them.  Some of the better lakes for largemouth bass are Bass Lake East, Bass Lake West, Horseshoe Lake, Johnson Lake and Squaw Lake.

Marquette County, MI Panfish:  Perch, Crappie & Bluegill

The area lakes up here have plenty of panfish available in them so if you are looking to target panfish, you should be able to catch plenty of fish.

Marquette County, MI River Fishing

Carp River, Chocolay River, Little Garlic River and Escanaba River can all be good rivers worth fishing for a variety of salmon and trout.  If you are into fly fishing, you can definitely get into some very good river fishing in Marquette County.