Grand Marais, MI

Grand Marais is an unincorporated community in Burt Township and it is located on Lake Superior in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan.  It is the eastern gateway to the Pictured Rocks National Lakeshore and this area is known for its beauty along the lake.  For those of you that like getting outdoors, there is plenty to do here around the lake.

Grand Marais, MI Salmon & Trout Fishing

This area has some very good salmon and trout fishing.  There are a few fishing charters that operate out of Grand Marais, so you can book a trip or launch your own boat here.   Depending on where you are fishing and the time of year, you may be able to catch king salmon, steelhead and lake trout.  This area is known for its excellent lake trout fishing.

Grand Marais, MI Walleye Fishing

There are several inland lakes nearby Grand Marais that offer anglers some walleye opportunities.  You won’t find too many trophy walleye lakes in this area, but there are definitely some fish available if you want to target them.  Nawakwa Lake is a good place to go to fish for walleye.  There are several other smaller lakes in the area that hold some walleye too, but this isn’t an awesome walleye fishing destination.  It’s known more for its salmon, trout and pike.

Grand Marais, MI Northern Pike Fishing

Many of the inland lakes near Grand Marais have good numbers of northern pike in them. Some of the lakes have some big fish available while others are known more for numbers. If you want to target pike in this area, you can definitely catch some fish.  Try fishing Blind Sucker Flooding, Nawakwa Lake and Grand Sable Lake if you want to get into some pike here.

Grand Marais, MI Smallmouth Bass Fishing

There are several inland lakes near Grand Marais that have smallmouth bass available.
Try fishing Grand Sable Lake if you want to target smallmouth bass.  It has solid numbers and some quality fish in the lake too.  With all of the other smaller inland lakes available, . you can catch some smallmouth bass, but it’s not what most people come to this area to fish for.

Grand Marais, MI Largemouth Bass Fishing

Some of the inland lakes near Grand Marais give anglers some fishing opportunities for largemouth bass.  To most anglers up here, largemouth bass are a secondary species of fish.  If you are looking to target largemouth bass, there are several places to fish and most of these lakes are under fished for bass.

Grand Marais, MI Panfish:  Perch, Crappie & Bluegill

Many of the area lakes will have good populations of panfish.  Whether you are looking to catch perch, crappie or bluegill, you should be able to catch plenty of panfish up here.

Blind Sucker Flooding

Blind Sucker Flooding has northern pike, rock bass, sunfish and perch in the lake.  It’s not known for producing many jumbo-sized panfish, however, the pike fishing can be pretty good.  You can definitely catch some pike if you target them and some big fish are present in the lake.

Grand Sable Lake

Grand Sable Lake provides some good fishing for a variety of fish species.  Northern pike, smallmouth bass, rock bass, and yellow perch are available and there are some quality fish in the lake.  You can also find some lake trout in the lake, but don’t expect big numbers of them.  Brook trout are common in the lake’s tributaries.

Nawakwa Lake

Nawakwa Lake offers some good fishing for multiple species of fish.  Walleye and northern pike fishing can be good on the lake and smallmouth bass are present too.  Some big smallmouth bass have been reported here, but it doesn’t have huge numbers of these fish. Many anglers target pike on this lake and there are some big fish available here too.  There are also perch and bullhead available in the lake for those of you that are just looking for some action.

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