Racine, WI

Racine, WI is a popular port town along Lake Michigan in southern Wisconsin.  This port town isn’t really a popular vacation destination, but it is a popular day trip destination for anglers who live in Southern Wisconsin and Northern Illinois.

Lake Michigan is an obvious attraction for anglers who want to go fish for salmon and trout from spring through fall.  There are plenty of fishing charters here and there is some pretty good shore fishing too depending on the season.  In the fall, the Root River is a very popular river destination.  It can get a little crowded on the river and you will find your fair share of snaggers out here, but if you can find a spot for yourself during a good run in the fall, you can experience some very good fishing for chinook, coho, brown trout and steelhead.

Lake Michigan

Most people come here for the excellent salmon and trout fishing offshore on Lake Michigan.  Whether you bring your own boat or hire a fishing charter, there is very good fishing here from spring through fall.  You can do very well in the spring and fall without having to go very far out.  In the summer, you may have to go several miles out to get to some of the better fishing.

Root River

The Root River is one of the best rivers for catching salmon and trout in the entire state of Wisconsin.  The big problem with this river is the crowds and you will find plenty of snaggers on the Root River.  Some call it combat fishing and they stay clear of this river, however, many anglers make the Root River an annual trip.  If you get big rains in the fall, this will help the fish make it all the way to the Horlick Dam.  On years when this happens, the fishing can be incredible.

Fishing Charters