Green Bay, WI

Green Bay is home to a world class fishery. The southern part of the bay is known for its amazing walleye fishery while the central and northern part is home to very good walleye fishing as well to go along with a world class smallmouth bass fishery.


The lower part of Green Bay is a walleye factory. It is big water, so bring the right boat. Water clarity is much murkier here the farther south you go in the bay. Anglers usually troll here to cover larger distances. In the spring and fall, crankbaits are king while in the summer, spinner rigs with live baits such as leeches and nightcrawlers will be the most popular way to catch them.

As you go farther north and get up into Door County, the waters get very clear and the fishing can be a lot tougher if you don’t know what you’re doing. Early morning, late evening and at night will be the times to consistently catch walleye. Some anglers report good success during the day, but it is definitely not as easy as the low light conditions. Using lighter line is key with the clear water.

Smallmouth Bass

The smallmouth bass fishery is amazing here. The lower part of Green Bay is home to better walleye fishing, but there are still smallmouth bass here if you can find the rocks. As you go further north into the Door County area, you have some of the best smallmouth bass fishing in the country. Early in the year provides some of the best fishing for giant bass with 4 pounders being common and fish in the 6, 7 and even 8 pound range caught. We have an entire website dedicated to Door County and its awesome fishery.