Drummond Island, MI

Drummond Island is very unique island in the Upper Peninsula.  This island is home to one of the largest closed loop trail systems for off road – ATV / ORV exploration in the United States.  If you like the outdoors, you will find plenty to do around the island.  Combine that with some great food, excellent fishing and numerous places to stay and you can see why people enjoy coming to Drummon Island.  Anglers fish for salmon, trout, perch, northern pike, smallmouth bass, whitefish and other species of fish in the waters that surround Drummond Island.

Drummond Island Salmon & Trout Fishing

Trolling for salmon and trout is popular in this area.  Lake Trout and Atlantic Salmon are plentiful in the area waters, but you can also catch Chinook, Coho and pink salmon also.

Drummond Island Walleye Fishing

Walleye fishing is popular around Drummond Island.  Most anglers prefer to troll or drift live bait in this area, but you can also catch them by jigging or casting.  There are good numbers of walleye in this area and trophy fish are also available.

Drummond Island Northern Pike Fishing

This area around Drummond Island is known for excellent northern pike fishing.  If you know how to target them, you can catch good numbers of them and trophy-sized fish are definitely available in the waters around the island.

Drummond Island Smallmouth Bass Fishing

The smallmouth bass fishing is very good around Drummond Island.  With all of the rocky shorelines, you can find smallmouth bass all over the place and this area has some very big smallmouth bass available to go along with good numbers of fish.

Drummond Island Perch Fishing

Perch fishing is very popular around Drummond Island.  If you can find the schools of perch, it is common to catch 15 to 30 fish per angler and limits can be easy.  If you can’t find the schools of perch, you need to keep moving around until you find them.  On some days, it may be easier than others.  During the spring and fall, perch are usually found in the shallows and in the summer, you will most likely have to fish water as deep as 70 feet to put some fish in the boat.  Jumbo perch above 12 inches are available here if you can find the right school.