Les Cheneaux Islands, MI

The Les Cheneaux Islands are home to the villages of Cedarville and Hessel.  Located on the shores of Lake Huron and close to lakes Michigan and Superior, this area has great fishing, miles of beaches, small town charm and much more.  This area gives anglers so many options with all of the water that is here.  Fish the many channels or open water for salmon, trout, perch, northern pike, smallmouth bass, whitefish and other species of fish.

Salmon & Trout Fishing

The Les Cheneaux Islands has some very good Atlantic Salmon fishing due to a stocking program from Lake Superior State University.  Anglers can definitely target these fish and expect to catch them during the fishing season.  Chinook Salmon, steelhead and lake trout are also available in these waters.

Northern Pike Fishing

The Les Cheneaux Islands has a good population of northern pike.  This wasn’t always the case for this area, but there are definitely good enough numbers of northern pike to target them and there are some quality-sized fish available also.

Smallmouth Bass Fishing

The Les Cheneaux Islands has some good smallmouth bass fishing available.  Smallmouth bass can be found throughout the islands around the rocky bottoms.  Good numbers of smallmouth bass are available with some big fish available too.

Perch Fishing

The Les Cheneaux Islands has good perch fishing here.  At one point, there was a collapse of the perch fishery, but it has definitely rebounded and many anglers here do target perch.  Good numbers of fish with some nice jumbo perch are available around the islands.