Erie, PA / Presque Isle Bay

Erie, Pennsylvania is a very popular port for fishing on Lake Erie. With Presque Isle Bay here and Presque Isle State Park, this area is an awesome area for anglers to come visit and fish.

Walleye Fishing

The walleye fishing is very good out on Lake Erie in this area. Some anglers report some good catches in the bay here early in the year, but the better fishing is definitely out on the main lake. This is a popular port for targeting walleye. You can catch good numbers of walleye here with plenty of big fish too.

Yellow Perch Fishing

Perch can be found closer to shore here in the Presque Isle Bay as well as out in Lake Erie. Many charters will go out and target perch here from spring through fall.

Smallmouth Bass Fishing

There is a lot of good water here for targeting smallmouth bass. Presque Isle Bay is home to some very good smallmouth bass fishing, especially early in the year. Out on Lake Erie, fish the reefs from summer through fall to find the better quality smallmouth bass.

Largemouth Bass Fishing

In Presque Isle Bay, there is a largemouth bass fishery here too. Most anglers come here for the smallmouth bass, but you can definitely catch plenty of largemouth bass too if you target them.

Northern Pike Fishing

Presque Isle Bay is home to a pretty good pike fishery as well. Anglers catch pike throughout the bay area from spring through fall. Spring and fall are usually much better for finding more active pike in the bays. Some quality fish are here too.


Muskie are available in the bay area. They aren’t here in huge numbers, but there are definitely some anglers here that put in the hours to target them. Trolling is popular here to cover more water and find more active fish. Big muskie are here though, so don’t be surprised if you run into some nice fish here if you target them.

Steelhead and Salmon

Lake Erie does have steelhead, salmon and brown trout in this part of the lake. However, the numbers aren’t huge and you won’t find huge numbers of salmon and trout in the bay here. However, some anglers do catch some steelhead in the bay when water temperatures are cooler, but most anglers will usually run into these fish offshore in deeper, cooler waters while trolling for walleye.