Cleveland, OH

The Cleveland area offers anglers a lot of fishing options. It may not be most angler’s first choice when they think of planning a fishing trip to Lake Erie, however, there is some very good fishing here.

Metro Parks

Cleveland is home to the Metro Parks, which give anglers lots of options to access Lake Erie as well as 26 stream miles of the Rocky River. In this area, anglers catch many different fish such as rock bass, largemouth bass, smallmouth bass, white bass, northern pike, catfish, walleye, drum and a variety of sunfish.

Walleye Fishing

Lake Erie is awesome for walleye fishing and it is no different around the Cleveland area. You can find some charters that do operate on this part of the lake and the walleye fishing is good for numbers and big fish too.

Yellow Perch Fishing

You can also do well here with perch just like most of Lake Erie. Walleye come first, but many charters will target perch in this area throughout the open water fishing season.

Smallmouth Bass Fishing

Anglers do target smallmouth bass in this part of Lake Erie. The rocky shorelines usually provide good fishing in the spring and early summer before these fish head deeper. Anglers can target them offshore here too, although, the walleye are usually priority for most anglers here. Don’t forget about the river options here either. Many anglers report good success by targeting smallies in the Rocky River.