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goliath grouper

Goliath grouper, also called jewfish, are becoming some of the most exciting fish to catch in the United States.  Because of all the tv shows that have been done on goliath grouper, many anglers are planning fishing trips to central and southern Florida just to get a chance to catch one of these huge fish.

Inshore, anglers can find tons of these big fish near docks, bridges, in deep holes and on ledges.  Smaller goliath grouper can be found in the estuaries around oyster bars, docks and mangrove-lined shorelines.  Offshore, goliath grouper can be found on the reefs and wrecks in very deep water.  Goliath grouper eat a variety of different baits, but most anglers will target them with jack crevallemulletmenhaden and sting rays.


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