Gafftopsail Catfish Fishing

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Gafftopsail catfish are unique looking, but they are just like regular catfish as far as where they will be found and what they eat.  You can find these fish throughout the Gulf and Atlantic in the bays or Gulf waters.

Best Baits for Gafftopsail Catfish

These fish are very opportunistic eaters.  They will eat pretty much all cut bait and shrimp.

 Fishing Rigs & Techniques

Any bottom rig will work.  Cast it out and let it sit.  You can drift with the current too and do well with catfish.

 Recommended Tackle

Medium heavy rods and reels will get the job done.  You can go a little lighter, but you probably shouldn’t in case you get a different fish to hit.  You don’t want to lose a big redfish or snook while using light tackle while you target these catfish.  15 to 20 pound line is sufficient.  A 20 to 30 pound leader is ideal due to all the other fish that may eat your baits.

Eating Gafftopsail Catfish

Most people do not eat these fish, but they are edible.  Unlike the saltwater hardhead catfish, many people do actually enjoy eating these fish.


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