Freshwater Fishing

Freshwater Fish Identification & Tips

Some of the more popular freshwater sport fish:

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Freshwater Fishing Destinations – Plan your next fishing trip. We cover the best freshwater fishing destinations throughout the U.S. and in Canada.

Types of Freshwater Fishing

Fly Fishing is a popular method of angling that is primarily used for salmon and trout. Casting the nearly weightless lure requires a special fishing line, an especially long rod and a great deal of experience before you can truly enjoy the art of fly fishing.  If you put in the time to become an experienced fly fishermen, you may get the chance to catch a variety of freshwater species such as northern pikepanfishbasscarp and others.

ice fishingIce Fishing is a popular method of fishing during the winter time in the northern United States and Canada.  Ice fishing can be a good way to get outdoors during the winter.  The primary species of fish that are targeted through the ice are perchcrappiebluegillwalleyenorthern pike and lake trout.

kayak fishingKayak Fishing is growing in popularity, although it is still just a small niche in the overall sport of fishing.  Fishing from a kayak is a lot of fun for anglers that enjoy getting away from the crowds.  They are great for fishing shallow water and you can target several different species of freshwater and saltwater fish in a kayak.

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