Fork Tail Worms for Largemouth Bass



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Fork Tail Worms work well for largemouth bass.  The problem is finding fork tail worms on the market.  More manufacturers need to make them.


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Shaky Head Jig

The shaky head jig is a nice way to present a fork tail worm.  With the forked tail, the shaky head jig presents it up off the bottom and it has a unique action that works well to draw strikes from finicky bass.


Swimbait Hook

The swimbait hook allows the worm to glide towards the bottom and when sitting restless on the bottom, the forked tail will sit up off the bottom.  Work it in with an erratic jerkbait action or hop it along the bottom slowly and you’ll get a lot of strikes.


Carolina Rig

The Carolina rig works well for fishing forked tail worms in deeper water.  Hop it along with a subtle jerk and pause retrieve and you’ll get a lot of bites after a long pause.


Drop Shot Rig

The drop shot rig is a nice way to fish the forked tail worms.  With a lift and fall retrieve, you can get a lot of action with these worms.


Weightless Rig

With the forked tail, you can work these worms like a jerkbait on a weightless rig and it will resemble a bait fish.  Twitch it, pause it and get ready for a bite.

Best Fork Tail Worms for Largemouth Bass

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