Florida Shore Fishing Tips: Surf, Piers, Bridges & Jetties

Surf Fishing in Florida

Surf fishing in Florida is very popular.  Shore anglers have lots of shore access for fishing from the fishing piers and the surf.  It is common to catch a variety of fish from the beaches, however, some of the more popular fish to catch from the beach are whiting, pompano and the dreaded catfish.  It’s not uncommon to catch redfish, sharks, snook, bluefish and others, but don’t expect to catch all of these types of fish on a daily basis from the surf.  The time of the year will dictate what species of fish are better to catch.

Pier Fishing in Florida

Many of the fishing piers will offer anglers access to deeper water, which opens up a lot of possibilities.  You can catch everything that you would catch from the surf plus many other species of fish that are just out of range of the surf anglers.  Some piers offer good fishing for whiting, bluefish, snook, grouper, mackerel, tarpon, jacks and much more.  Depending on the pier’s location will dictate what type of fish you will catch.

Bridge Fishing in Florida

The bridges offer some excellent fishing that can be very similar to what you would experience from many of the fishing piers.  There are several variables that will impact how good or not so good the fishing will be from the bridges.  The depth of the water, what type of tidal flow the area gets and the time of the year will dictate what type of fishing you will get into.

Jetty Fishing in Florida

Fishing the Jetties is very popular throughout Florida.  The rock jetties provide some excellent cover for bait fish and small crustaceans.  The predator fish will move into these areas for an easy meal.  Fishing the jetties gives shore anglers a chance to target all types of fish and the real possibility of catching something big.  Some of the popular saltwater fish that are caught off of the jetties are sheepshead, snook, redfish, sea trout, flounder, jack crevalle, spanish mackerel, bluefish, kingfish and tarpon.

Shore Fishing Destinations in Florida

In all of the destinations listed below, you can find some good shore fishing opportunities depending on the season.

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