Florida Deep Sea & Offshore Fishing Tips

The deep sea / offshore waters around Florida are home to some of the best fishing in the country.  To plan a safe fishing trip offshore, you are going to want to be in a bigger boat. For most anglers, this means that they will be booking a fishing trip with a fishing charter and there are hundreds of deep sea fishing charters available throughout the state.  On an offshore fishing trip, you can expect to be bottom fishing the reefs and wrecks for grouper, snapper and a variety of other fish or trolling for fish such as marlin, sailfish, wahoo, spanish mackerel, bluefish and many other fish.

Bottom Fishing in Florida

Bottom fishing is a very popular technique when fishing offshore.  There are numerous reefs and wrecks located throughout the Gulf of Mexico and in the Atlantic Ocean where fishing charters and other anglers go to target fish offshore.  Snapper and grouper are the preferred species of fish when bottom fishing for most anglers, however, you can catch so many other species of fish such as shark, barracuda, cobia, mackerel and others.

Trolling Offshore in Florida

Trolling is popular for the many pelagic species of fish that can be found near Florida’s coast in its offshore waters.  Billfish, swordfish, mackerel, tuna, wahoo, cobia and mahi mahi.  To troll for some of the bigger species of fish out here, you’re going to want to be in a big enough boat and have the right tackle.  For most anglers, this means hiring a fishing charter.  There are hundreds of offshore charters located throughout the state.

Florida’s Best Deep Sea Fishing Destinations

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