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There is some awesome saltwater fishing along both coasts in the central part of Florida.  You have some options that aren’t too far from the amusement parks in the Disney area.

Inshore Fishing

The inshore fishing is very good here.  On the Atlantic Coast, the inshore waters of the Space Coast offer some excellent fishing for redfish, sea trout and many other fish.  On the Gulf side, the Tampa Bay area is huge and offers so many opportunities.  Anglers catch redfish, sea trout, tarpon, snook and other fish here.

Offshore Fishing

In the offshore waters, you’ll find a couple very different types of waters in Central Florida. On the Atlantic side, the waters will be rougher and murkier.  On the Gulf side, the waters are calmer and clearer.  Off of both coasts, you can fish for grouper, snapper and a bunch of pelagic species of fish that pass through here throughout the year.

Surf & Pier Fishing

Both coasts have so many different places to fish along the shores.  You can fish from piers or from the surf and some of the piers give you access to deep water which allows you to target so many different species of fish.

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