Fishing with Topwater Lures

Topwater lures are fishing lures that are fished on the surface.  Most anglers target bass with topwater lures, but there are a variety of freshwater and saltwater fish that will attack a lure on the surface.  There are several different types of topwater lures on the market today.

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line-3How to Fish Topwater Lures

Topwater Lures are usually fished with a baitcaster with heavier line and a heavier rod, however, spinning gear works fine too for most situations where you’re targeting bass and panfish.  If you’re fishing around cover for largemouth bass or northern pike, 17 to 30 pound test line is the norm, although, you may go lighter or heavier depending on the situation.  For smallies, you may be fishing a smaller finesse-sized topwater bait in very clear water.  6 to 10 pound line and a medium action rod will get the job done in this situation.  When targeting bluegill in a pond, you may be using 4 pound line with an ultra light rod and reel.

Popular Techniques for Fishing with Topwater Lures

  • Steady Retrieve
  • Twitch and Pause

line-3Types of Topwater Lures

buzzbaitsBuzzbaits are very popular topwater baits.  The blade on a buzzbait is made to go half in the water and half out of the water.  The blade causes a huge disturbance in the water driving bass crazy.  Continue Reading…

chuggers-poppersChuggers (also known as poppers) have an indented face that splashes water when the plug is jerked across the surface.  This chugging or popping noise brings fish to the lure.  The chugger is similar to a popper used by fly-fishermen, but it is much larger.  Continue Reading…

crawlers-topwaterCrawlers are a great search bait for shallow water.  They work excellent with a steady, fast-paced retrieve for covering water.  They are also very effective around areas of cover where you can slow the retrieve down to give fish a longer chance to hit the lure.   Continue Reading…

propbaitsPropbaits are similar to stickbaits, but they have a propeller at one or both ends.  Propbaits give you a few options for topwater fishing.  You can cover large areas with fast, steady retrieves or cover small areas with a slow, twitching retrieve, Continue Reading…

stickbaitsTopwater Stickbaits are long and slender baits that do not have lips or propellers.  Their action comes from the fishermen retrieving the lure with a series of jerks.  Topwater stickbaits will walk along the water in a side to side action.  Continue Reading…

topwater-frogsTopwater Frogs are typically made of soft plastic and they are made to be used for weeds, types of grass, over and around lily pads, through reeds and any other type of area where a bass fishermen may want to target a bass around cover.  Continue Reading…

Topwater Lures for a Variety of Fish Species

largemouth bass pic   smallmouth bass pic   walleye pic

northern pike pic

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