Fishing with Topwater Crawlers

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Crawlers are a great search bait for shallow water.  They work excellent with a steady, fast-paced retrieve for covering water.  They are also very effective around areas of cover where you can slow the retrieve down to give fish a longer chance to hit the lure.  Getting the perfect retrieve for optimal performance takes some practice to learn.  Once you learn how to use a crawler correctly, you will have some excellent top water action.

Tackle Recommendations

Rod, Reel & Line

Topwater Crawlers are usually fished with a baitcaster with heavier line and a heavier rod, however, spinning gear and 8 to 12 pound line will also get the job done while fishing for smallmouth bass and largemouth bass in open water.  If you’re fishing around heavy cover, go heavier and you’ll have a better chance to land that real big fish.

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Best of the Best | What Eats Them | How to Fish Them

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