Fishing with Spoons

Spoons have an excellent wobbling motion with some flash.  They can imitate an injured minnow or a minnow that is being chased.  Most gamefish will hit a spoon.  Anglers love using spoons because they are so easy to use and they are very effective, especially for big fish.  There are 4 basic categories for spoons:  Casting spoons are made for casting and winding in with a steady retrieve.  Trolling spoons are very thin and made just for trolling.  Weedless spoons have a weed guard for fishing in and around the weeds.  Jigging spoons are great for fishing vertically over deep water.

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line-3How to Fish Spoons

Spoons are usually fished with a baitcaster with heavier line and a heavier rod.  14 to 30 pound test line is the norm, although, you may go lighter or heavier depending on the situation.  With smaller spoons while trout fishing in streams, anglers may go as light as 4 to 6 pound line, so you can use some of the smaller spoons on finesse gear too.  However, for most situations, you’re going to be fishing with heavier line while using spoons.

Popular Techniques for Fishing with Spoons

  • Casting with a steady retrieve
  • Trolling
  • Vertical Jigging

Spoons for a Variety of Fish Species

largemouth bass pic   smallmouth bass pic   walleye pic

northern pike pic

More Species:

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