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There are many different soft plastic minnows on the market.  You can use regular minnows that are best used for jigging and drop-shotting or jerkbaits that are made for a twitch and pause retrieve that imitates a wounded bait fish.  Most soft plastic jerkbaits work well in shallow water with no weight or a very light weight. The slow fall after the jerk is what usually gets the fish to strike the bait.  Soft plastic minnows and jerkbaits are primarily made for bass, but you can catch other fish such as northern pike, muskie, crappie, perch, salmon and trout.

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Rod, Reel & Line

Soft Plastic Minnows & Jerkbaits can vary from finesse baits to heavy cover baits. Whether you fish for panfish, bass or huge pike, there are plenty of soft plastic minnows and jerkbaits available for you.  Depending on what type of fish you target will dictate what gear you will be using.  Light line and light action rods will work well for targeting perch and crappie while heavier line and tackle will be required for big largemouth bass and northern pike.

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Best of the Best | What Eats Them | How to Fish Them

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