Fishing with Soft Plastic Lizards

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Plastic lizards have become a very popular soft-plastic bait.  They are a little bulkier and heavier than most plastic worms, which makes them perfect for fishing weightless in the shallows.  Lizards are a great spring-time bait, however, you can catch bass on lizards from spring through fall.  They are one of the best baits for targeting largemouth bass.

Tackle Recommendations

Rod, Reel & Line

Soft Plastic Lizards are usually fished with a baitcaster with heavier line and a heavier rod. 10 to 30 pound test line is the norm for targeting largemouth bass and northern pike, although, you may go lighter or heavier depending on the situation.  For smallmouth bass, anglers will usually go lighter with spinning gear.

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Best of the Best | What Eats Them | How to Fish Them


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