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Chuggers (also known as poppers) have an indented face that splashes water when the plug is jerked across the surface.  This chugging or popping noise brings fish to the lure.  The chugger is similar to a popper used by fly-fishermen, but it is much larger. It is a very popular topwater lure and it catches lots of fish.

Tackle Recommendations

Rod, Reel & Line

Chuggers – Poppers are usually fished with a baitcaster with heavier line and a heavier rod, however, spinning gear and 8 to 12 pound line will also get the job done while fishing for smallmouth bass and largemouth bass in open water.  If you’re fishing around heavy cover, go heavier and you’ll have a better chance to land that real big fish.

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Best of the Best | What Eats Them | How to Fish Them

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