Fishing Thunder Bay (Ontario, Canada)

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Thunder Bay is located on Lake Superior, but in Ontario, Canada.  The bay is known for its excellent fishing, but this is definitely big water fishing.  Boats will go out and target chinook salmon, rainbow trout and lake trout.  In this area, you will have a lot of people plan trips just away from Thunder Bay and they will come back into town or they will stay in town where there are plenty of amenities and they will venture off for a day or two of fishing.  Some of the better lakes to fish will be just away from Thunder Bay.  Whitefish Lake is popular.  Sandstone Lake and Arrow Lake are close to Whitefish Lake.  Just north of Thunder Bay is Dog Lake, which offers some very good fishing too.  Dog Lake Resort gives you some options for fishing this lake.  Northern Light Lake is also home to some very good fishing for a variety of fish.  It’s a good sized lake and not too far from the city limits of Thunder Bay.

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