Fishing the Points on Rainy Lake

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There are so many points on Rainy Lake.  While most smallmouth bass anglers would think the bass fishing would be super easy by just going from point to point to point, it isn’t always that easy on Rainy.  There are a lot of smallmouth bass that will use the points, however, a huge number of smallmouth bass prefer the reefs out in open water.  Maybe that is because of all the northern pike that roam the shallows.  We’re not sure exactly why, however, just targeting the points isn’t a sure-fire way to target smallies on this lake.  At times, it can be very productive though.

Early in the year, you can often find some good walleye fishing year the points.  The deeper points produce well in the summer and fall as well.  On Rainy lake, the one thing you can consistently find on the points is pike.  There are so many pike in this lake and they search out the points for an easy meal, so while that spot may seem like a perfect-looking smallie spot, you may want to get ready for a hit from a northern pike.


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