Fishing the Mangroves for Snook

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Mangroves and snook go together like peanut butter and jelly.  If there are snook in your area, there is a real good chance that you will find some of these fish feeding in the mangroves.  The best times to fish the mangroves are during the high water levels.  Either side of the high tide will offer some good fishing around the mangroves.  Most anglers prefer the incoming tide, but the first couple of hours of the outgoing tide can also produce some good results.  During the low tide, many of the mangroves will be in very shallow water with most of their root system above water.  These are the worst times to be fishing the mangroves, but it’s a good time to scout out some new areas to fish.  Use your gps to mark some of the mangroves that have the largest root systems, so you can go back and fish these areas during the next high tide.  Remember, moving water is key to finding feeding snook.


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