Fishing the Jetties for Snook

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Jetties provide some excellent fishing for snook.  Anglers have a good chance to catch some fish from shore and from the boat when fishing the jetties.  The preferred method of fishing for snook near the jetties is free-lining live pinfish and pilchards or using large jumbo shrimp on a split shot rig.  There are many other ways to fish for snook around the jetties as well.  Some anglers use a variety of artificials such as jigs, swimbaits, crankbaits, soft plastics and topwater plugs.

Staying out of the snags is key if you want to enjoy your time on the jetties.  Expecting some snags is expected, but you can limit your snags by using lighter weights so your baits can drift along with the current just above the bottom.  When fishing along the jetties, artificial lures that don’t run deep enough to be bumping bottom can also help you avoid the snags.

Some of the best times to fish the jetties are at night during a tidal change.  Moving water is key to finding feeding snook.  The incoming tide and outgoing tide can offer some very good fishing.  The lower water levels will often push more snook into the deeper water of the main channel, while higher water will push more snook closer to the rocks as they feed on many different baits along the rocks.


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