Fishing the Islands on Rainy Lake

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There are so many islands on this lake that you couldn’t fish them all if you wanted to.  It would take years.  The islands may be somewhat similar in that you are going to find plenty of rocks, however, each island may be different as far as attracting fish.  The location of the islands in relation to the main lake can make a difference.  Also, the depths around these islands will dictate what you usually find around them.  All rock and no weeds and you may find more smallmouth bass and walleye.  Rock with some weeds mixed in and you will most likely find some smallmouth bass and walleye here too, however, the weeds will usually attract the pike too.  Pike will be found around the islands with just rock as well, however, the if you hit enough islands that just have rock, you’re going have a better chance of finding smallmouth bass and walleye.


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