Fishing the Canals (Saltwater Fishing)

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Fishing the Canals is a great way to get out of the wind and still experience some good fishing.  In many of the developed areas, there will be canals that have homes as well as some businesses such as marinas, restaurants and hotels along the canals.  There will usually be plenty of docks and possibly some rock and mangroves in these canals.  All types of fish will relate to this cover.  Some of the common fish that are caught in canals are snook, redfish, flounder and sheepshead, but the size and depth of the canal will dictate what type of fish you may catch.  Some canals are very narrow, while some may be very wide.  Fish will use the deeper channel in the middle of the canal to move through the canal, but they will often settle into the docks, mangroves and rocky areas to find cover to rest and ambush their prey.

The winter months tend to be more productive for fishing the canals because the water will warm faster during the day.  A canal may warm up several degrees from morning to afternoon and this will help bring some fish into the canals.  Snook, for example, may need to stay in the canals through the coldest weather because they have hard time surving in water that drops below 50 degrees.

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