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Cobia & Rays

Sight fishing for cobia can be a lot of fun when you find the rays.  Cobia will often be found hanging around the rays as they move through open water.  Anglers will run and gun and search for the rays and at times, there can be large numbers of cobia around these rays.  Find the rays, then get your baits near them and get ready to get bit.

Fish the Buoys

The buoys out in open water will attract a lot of fish and cobia can often be found there too.  If you are in an area that has a bunch of buoys, you can go from buoy to buoy until you find some active cobia.

Fish the Bridges

Bridges are great attractors for a variety of fish and cobia can be found around them too.  Use your favorite baits for cobia and fish all around the great structure that many bridges will have.

Run the Beaches

Anglers run the beaches and fish nearshore for cobia as these fish can be found schooled up many times near the rays.  Starting in the spring in Florida, there are good runs of cobia along the beaches.  You will often know when the cobia are in the area because there will usually be quite a few boats out running and gunning while looking for rays, which hopefully turns into cobia dinner.

Fish the Reefs & Wrecks

Cobia can often be found on the reefs and wrecks.  Most anglers prefer catching them by sight fishing them off the rays, however, when these fish are on the wrecks, you can do well fishing down deeper for them.  Most anglers will use jigs, live baits or cut baits.  They all work.  When fishing the reefs and wrecks, don’t be shocked if you see some cobia up near the surface also.  These fish are known for hanging around structure at various depths and you can often find some fish at the top of the water column.


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