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Jigging is one of the best techniques for targeting walleye.  A well placed jig puts you right in the strike zone and keeps you there.  All you have to do is drop it down to the bottom and control your boat.


Trolling helps you cover water and helps you find feeding walleye.  It’s one of the best techniques for boating a lot of walleye and probably the best technique for finding big fish. It’s kind of boring if you like to cast, drift or jig, but it’s worth spending some time doing if you want to consistently catch walleye.


Once the wind starts to blow, drifting becomes one of the better ways to fish for walleye.  Tie on your favorite live bait presentation and cover some water around productive fishing spots and you’ll find some feeding fish.

Best Rigs for Catching Walleye


jigheadsA simple jighead and live bait is really all you need to catch walleye and that’s how most anglers like to fish for walleye.  Since walleye are usually located on the bottom, a jighead is a good choice to get your bait down to the bottom.  A jig & minnow, jig & nightcrawler and a jig & leech will all do well when fishing for walleye.  Minnows tend to work better when the water is colder (below 60 degrees) and the leeches and nightcrawlers tend to work better when the water warms up, but don’t rule out live minnows when the water warms up in the summer.  A jighead and live chub is tough to beat even in the heat of the summer.  For anglers that are looking to use artificial lures, you can jig soft plastics or swim soft plastics with a jighead.  Both techniques will put plenty of walleye in the boat when they are in a feeding mood.


Split Shot Rig

Most walleye anglers don’t use the split shot rig because walleye relate to the bottom and a jighead is usually more productive. There are times that a split shot rig can work really well though. The split shot rig is a great live bait rig for targeting walleye when you don’t need to fish super deep and there isn’t much current. This is one of the better ways to present a live bait naturally to walleye.  When the walleye are finicky and you’re on a school of them, this is one of the best ways to get them to bite.  Leeches, nightcrawlers and minnows work great on a split shot rig.


Scrounger Jighead

scrounger jigheads

Scrounger Jigheads can be effective for walleye fishing.  Since scrounger jigheads work well in shallow water, you need walleye to be actively feeding in the shallows for this technique to be effective.  The spring and early summer are the best times to target walleye in the shallows.  Use finesse worms, curly tail worms, grubs and soft plastic minnows and you should have some action in the early morning, late evening and at night with the Scrounger Jigheads.


Drop Shot Rig

drop shot rig finesse wormThe drop shot rig is one of the most effective ways to target walleye, although, most walleye anglers don’t even consider using this rig. This rig works great for fishing just above the bottom.  You can cast your line out and hop it along the bottom or fish vertically.  Both methods can be very productive.  The drop shot rig works well with nightcrawlers, leeches and minnows.  There are many soft plastics that will also catch plenty of walleye with a drop shot rig.  Finesse worms, grubs and soft plastic minnows will all catch walleye when the bite is going strong.


Carolina Rig

carolina rig curly tail worm

The Carolina Rig works great for walleye.  Most walleye anglers will use their Carolina Rig with live bait such as nightcrawlers, minnows and leeches.  Soft plastics such as grubs, finesse worms, curly tail worms and swimbaits will also work on a Carolina Rig. Some other lures that work on a Carolina Rig are spinners, shallow running crankbaits and spoons, although, using these lures are not as popular on a Carolina Rig.



underspinsUnderspins are great for covering water with curly tail grubs, swimming worms, curly tail worms or minnow baits.  Retrieve them slow and steady and you’ll catch some walleye, especially when the fish are active.

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