Lake Nipissing

Lake Nipissing is big water and it is home to lots of muskie.  It usually takes big waters to grow huge fish and this lake grows some massive muskies.  Anglers that target them here will have a good chance to catch one, however, it is muskie fishing, so you may fish hard and still not see a fish here.  If you put in the time though, you will get rewarded and it could be a very big fish.  Anglers target muskie throughout the lake, but the bays are so big here that you don’t have to go fish the main lake to find some muskie.  There are plenty of rocky shorelines, bays with vegetation, islands and points to keep you busy.

French River

The French River is very popular for muskie anglers.  These fish are spread throughout the river system and you can usually find them without having to fish super deep.  With all the points, rocky shorelines, deeper weed edges near shallow cover, you can easily find productive muskie spots easier than it will would be to target them on a bigger lake.  This river system is also known for holding some very big fish, so if you’re looking for a trophy muskie destination, this is definitely one worth putting on your list.

Learn More About Muskie

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