Largemouth Bass

Largemouth bass too…no way.  Yes way.  This bay has a little bit of everything.  Largemouth bass aren’t common in Canada, but there is a fishable population of largemouth bass here.  They are a secondary species of fish here, but if you want to target them, you definitely can do that.  Fish for largemouth bass in the bays and look for vegetation and any type of shoreline cover you can find from docks to vegetation to wood or rocks.  The bass here will relate to shallow water cover and they will leave the deep stuff for the toothy critters.  You may find some largemouth bass deep, but most of the better fishing will come in the 4 to 8 foot range.  Just find the right cover and don’t be shocked when a pike hits your bait, so leaders are important too.  Pike will relate to a lot of the same areas that vegetation.

Learn More About Largemouth Bass

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