Fishing for Walleye in Lakes & Reservoirs

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There are many lakes and reservoirs that provide some excellent fishing for walleye.  You can find fish in a lot of the same places in lakes and reservoirs, but reservoirs do have some unique characteristics that you will not find in lakes.  Since reservoirs are man-made, you may find walleye on road beds, in pot holes, near submerged trees or flooded timber.  Even though there may be different types of cover and structure on reservoirs, walleye typically follow similar seasonal migrations.

In the spring, walleye will move into the shallows to spawn.  In slightly-stained water, walleye can be found in only a few feet of water.  On clear water lakes, walleye usually spawn slightly deeper.  After the spawn, the bigger fish are usually caught in deeper water from summer through fall.  Lowlight conditions will push good numbers of fish into the shallows near points, weed lines, rocky shorelines, on top of flats and on top of reefs.  These same fish can be caught in only a few feet of water during lowlight conditions, but then be in water as deep as 30 to 40 feet during the middle of the day.  Some of the good places to target walleye during the summer and fall months are on mud flats, along drop-offs, points, weed lines, reefs, submerged trees and other types of cover or structure in deeper water.  The key is to find deeper water from 20 to 40 feet deep with some good shallow water areas to feed nearby.  Walleye love to come shallower to find an easy meal, but they will spend most of their time in deeper water during the summer and fall.