Fishing for Striped Bass in Murky Water


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Slow Down

Some anglers report a lot of success by slowing down when fishing murkier water, but if you’re trying to find fish, slowing down may not be possible.  This is a better tip if you find a school of fish with your electronics.  If you are on a school of fish, fishing slower with live bait and artificials can be very productive.  Keep a lure in front of their face and give them a chance to eat it.

Fish Faster With Artificials

With murkier water, stripers don’t always get a good look at a bait before having to make a decision whether to eat or not.  Because of this, a lot of anglers will fish faster with artificials when searching for striped bass in murky water.

Go Brighter

Brighter colors stand out and can make the difference in getting bites or not on some days.

Go Bigger

By going just a little bit bigger, your baits stand out more and are easier to find for bass in murky water.

Add Rattles

Rattles give bass some help to find your lure when the visibility isn’t so good.  At times, rattles can be the different in catching fish or going home empty.

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