Fishing for Redfish in the Spring

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The warmer water during the spring gives redfish more options to roam.  You will find plenty of redfish in the tidal creeks where most of the fish called home for the winter, but in the spring, redfish will also be found along the beaches, around bridges & piers, near jetties and in the bays.  Most anglers prefer to fish for redfish on the flats or in the deeper water near the flats.  On high tides, redfish can be found roaming the flats as they feed aggressively on a variety of baits such as crabs, shrimp and bait fish.  As the water levels recede, you should be able to find redfish in the deeper water near these flats.  As soon as the water levels get too shallow for them to feed comfortably on the flats, the deeper water on the edges will hold good numbers of redfish.


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