Fishing for Muskie in Rivers

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Muskie can be found in many rivers.  Deep, slow-moving rivers are more adequate for muskie.  You won’t find too many muskie in smaller rivers the way you will with northern pike so your best bet is to target muskies in rivers that offer a good combination of deep water, cover, structure and good numbers of bait fish to help sustain a healthy population of muskie.

While muskies will typically relate to the deeper stretches of the river, it is possible to catch them fairly shallow if there is a reason to be shallow.  Muskie love hanging around wood and most rivers have more wood than an angler could fish in a lifetime.  Try to pick out the areas that have deep water access close to the wood.  Fallen trees are much more productive than smaller pieces of timber and brush.  Muskie do like deeper water, but don’t be shocked if you find some muskie holding in only a few feet of water near some type of wood.  Spillways and waterfalls will also attract muskies.  You can find some big muskies ambushing bait fish in the tailwaters.  Since most rivers have slightly stained water, big lures with lots of flash and vibration tend to work much better.

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